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RULES:  Its That Simple! 

Any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you


Completely stock chassis, Full Fendered Slash bodies, stock Traxxas motor (Titan 12T) and ESC(XL-5), any NiMH stick pack,  4200maH or less, 7.2 volt battery in its original factory packaging/wrapping, stock tires, Stock Shock's and Stock Springs. Not allowed to modify (cut or add) to any part of the slash to improve handling of cars.
---Batteries will be limited to 2400maH in January---
*Allowed to Modify* 
Adding spacers to the inside or outside of shock
Shock oil, and allowed to add spring spacers to soften or stiffen shocks. SPRINGS CANNOT BE CUT OR TRIMMED
Gears/gear ratio, reciever/radio's

*After 1st heats are done, lou and ron will visually inspect each slash, IF found to be out of regulations, the racer will be Disqualified from that nights racing in that class*
This will ELIMINATE people who want to Bend the rules* 
 Pro Slash will follow all rules as Novice Stock 2wd with the exception of:
Any maH NiMH Stick pack 7.2 volt in its original factory packaging/wrapping
New, Traxxas only, Low Center Gravity kits and all that is included $30.00 tax included at the store.
(No more newer bodies allowed) 
Any stock pancar chassis,  Venom Atomik 21t, Street Spec tires and wheels, any speed control, 6 cell 7.2 volt 2400 or less mah battery, any stock body 1970 and older vintage e.g. Camaro, 57 chevy, 50 Ford Pickup. 
Any stock pancar chassis, Novak Havoc 2S speed control, Novak SS17.5 Brushless motor, Street Spec Tires and wheels, 6 cell 7.2 volt 2400 or less mah NiCad or NiMh battery, any LATE MODEL DIRT OVAL BODY *FULL FENDER*.

Pancar chassis is a one piece flat pan chassis with a solid rear axle and short arm front suspension. 
** NEW RULES, WINGS WILL BE ALLOWED, NO MODIFIED BODIES, ONLY BODIES ALLOWED ARE FULL FENDERED DIRT LATE MODELS you can find them at dream boat, or here on http://mcallisterracing.com/
Any stock truck or buggy chassis, any stock closed end bell motor or any 27 turn stock motor, truck or buggy body, foam tires, any 6 cell 7.2 volt NiCad or NiMh battery.
Any chassis, East Coast Dirt Modified body, any brushless motor, any speed control, any battery, NiMh, NiCad or LiPo. Foam tires.
If it's not stock or an allowed modified, it is illegal.

 17.5 Sensored ROAR Motor, Open ROAR APPROVED 2S Battery, Open Tires, DODC LM Bodies and OPEN ESC
Please follow http://www.hooteroutlawtour.com for more info!
hooter tour regulations
please visit the hooteroutlawtour for rules
thank you
 this class will race when there are steady drivers for 2014-2015 season :)